6 thoughts on “VOSC now available on Android and iOS

    1. Duncan Post author

      You can click the ” – ” to close an open panel. There’s no way to remove the menu buttons completely or save snapshots at the moment (aside from using OS commands). I’d like to add it though – look for it in a future update.

      1. Jon

        Still hoping for a way to remove the menu! Also be good to show load/save in the preset section separately. I keep forgetting which way to slide and overwrite presets I am trying to open.

  1. JT

    Would love to have a performance dt version to use in art experiments. Will this be backward compatible with Mac os10.5 and ppc G5? Also any plans to put random function to use on my ipod touch…Otherwise this is a gorgeous program that I’m sure does John
    Whitney proud!


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