Announcing VOSC Visual Particle Synthesizer

Here are a couple screens from an app currently under development, to be released on iOS and Android, with other platforms/versions to follow.

It could be described as a visual particle synthesizer. It consists mainly of 4 oscillators that control the position of a vast array of on-screen particles. Adjustments to the frequency and shapes of the oscillators can produce some very intricate moving patterns.

It’s an evolution and systemization of the phaSing series of flash toys that I made quite a while back. Here, the rendering and most of the “synthesis” calculations are performed using GPU shaders written in AGAL for the Stage3D feature of Flash Player / AIR.

5 thoughts on “Announcing VOSC Visual Particle Synthesizer

  1. Stefan

    Downloaded your app today. I really like it cause you can tweak the visuals to your needs and save it as patches. Just what I was searching. Now insert the ability to send the output to Apple TV or VGA and it would be phantastic! Greetings, Stefan

    1. admin Post author

      Glad you like the app so far. My plan was to add external screen support to a ‘pro’ version along with a number of other features like audio reactivity, but I’ll consider it and may add as an update to the current app.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. John

    I would love to see the video out option also, either as a pro version or an in app purchase (or as a free update ;-))

  3. johny radio

    hi, instructions say “If you want to dive straight in and simply learn by experimentation, go to the PATCH panel and load a patch by dragging one of the patch slots to the left.” But when i click the ‘Patch’ button, i don’t see any patches. What am i doing wrong? On Chrome. thx.


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